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Saturday, October 27, 2007 


11th September 2007 Added render and animation for Convair XFY1 “Pogo” Aircraft.

12th September 2007 - New Model Lockheed XFV-1 Salmon started

22nd September 2007: started to give live tuition on one to one basis with Christian thanks mate for participating! get skype now and link up with me  you can search me in the “ find contacts “ under UK . Commenced My new Animation Wastelands and is Slowly progressing having some issues with my desktop GFX card wise I think ..unless its a memory problem that needs sorting

25th September 2007: My backup file for this website got corrupted tonight and I`ve spent an enormous amount of time trying to recover the site ...still, all goes to show the problems of being a sysop!...oh thats an old word..reminds me of bulletin board days! couple of bits today though start of my new anim at animations ...keeping the dogfight anim over as couldn`t find a better anim so far..

7th October 2007- Added Flash slideshow of my jpeg renders etc, am resetting all the photography pages as they seemed to have got corrupted also sending backup version of this site to a mirror don`t want probs again. Still rendering Wastelands Scenes. Have started rendering with AA on now, so they are taking an exhorbitant time!

19th October 2007 - ”Wastelands Animation update under Anim8or Anims also started adding some more Models Mostly 3DS under Models2  I`m getting ready for christmas now with a new anim I will be working on over the next twelve weeks.

27th October 2007 - “Wastelands” animation update under Anim8or Anims started adding the narration to this piece and still working on the climax!. new animation in main animation area ..this is a link.

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I really think Anim8or.org is a Case of R.I.P now!

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