Full zip files for Imagine on CU Coverdisk

Nothing to do with Windows Landscape generator For Amigs

I got AROS today (Amiga Replacement Operating system) will work on pc, its a image file thats bootable from Cd ....I read the docs but it seems that it must be installed onto harddisk as a stand alone OS so it will destroy the pc OS.

I have an old PC up in the loft so I`ll get that down and have a go at installing it on to that some time ...but in the meantime I`ll stick with WinUae

WinUae is an Amiga Emulator that will run on a PC, however you will need the Amiga Kickstart Roms to be able to use Winuae, Handy if you have an Old A500, 600, or 1200 as Winuae comes with a program that will extract the Kickstart image from the Rom

The emulator cannot utilise a PC floppy drive so there is a facility to transfer Amiga disks into an ADF file that can be loaded into Winuae. To get these on a PC I use MessyDos on an amiga Drive that writes PC Dos to get the ADF file onto a PC Disk Then I transfer to a virtual Drive on the PC .


If you would like winuae and get a bit of nostalgia back click this link and download the latest version 1.4.3

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